The Hitech led display system has many features because of the Advanced LED control technology and software.

  • P10 RGB LED has given higher resolution output even in 10-meter distance.
  • P8 RGB LED has given higher resolution output even in 8-meter distance.
  • P6  RGB LED has given higher resolution output even in 6-meter distance
  • P 5 RGB LED has given higher resolution output even in 5 meter distance
  • P 4 RGB LED has given higher resolution output even in 4 meter distance.
  • P 2.5  RGB LED has given higher resolution output even in 2.5  meter distance.
  • Wirelessly and remotely controllable via internet protocol and we don’t need to be in field to update the content
  • System can support videos, animation, gif, images (jpeg, png).
  • Content Design as needed
  • Display Size in Any Size as Required
  • Indoor/outdoor models as required
Technology For the digital ads section, we have used latest Mono-color and  RGB LED technology which will generate the digital images, videos, animation in higher resolution. We have used RGB boards which clear resolution from very short distance too. We can run multiple images and videos. We can update the contents using the dedicated software using the internet protocol, which means we can access the board remotely. Once the board is connected to the internet using the Wi-Fi module inside the board, system can be updated wirelessly and remotely. System can be scheduled as per need using the software itself which means system will be turned on/ off as per schedule.

Hitech Led Display pvt. ltd.was founded in 2017 . It’s a high-tech enterprise specializing in researching, developing and manufacturing of led display system products. Our company mainly imports led parts and produces led display, covering indoor single and dual color series, outdoor/semi-outdoor single and dual series, indoor smd full color series, outdoor smd full color series, small pixel pitch HD full color series, high-end customized series and creative led display series. Our company was successfully listed on Certified Distributor of Many International Companies (BMAX, HUIDU, GICL, JCAI, DOtCOM, G-EnERGY).

Since foundation, our company adheres to the corporate purposes of “people-oriented, continuous innovation,” creating the concept of LED display industry with Nepal’s history, establishing the innovation strategic alliance in Hitech Led technology, promoting the healthy development of LED display industry. Our products have been sold well in more than 50 Districts and areas, setting up joint venture offices in 10 Major City , widely used in advertising media, stadiums, stage performance, shopping malls, traffic guidance, government projects and shop lintel etc.

About Display Board

With LED digital display boards, outdoor advertising can reach new heights. Though the initial cost of purchasing and installing the digital display board will be higher than conventional painted or printed outdoor advertising, there are a number of advantages of using these electronic display boards. It continually attracts passerby’s attention from its bright colors, leaving a continuous ad impressions and increase awareness. With help of creativity in ad designing and use of screen it makes people to stop and watch the ads. We can create animations, videos, images to do the branding and marketing. Brand boards show the client every element of their visual brand- all together in digital platform which help to convey a brand’s values, attributes and personality in one glance, digitally in a public place.


To provide superior quality of product and services to our customer and “To give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible.”


To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of Customer.